Recipe: Appetizing Infused Semovita swallow

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Infused Semovita swallow Use the wooden spatula to stir the. Semovita is a very easy Nigerian swallow to prepare, thus it is a good substitute for pounded yam and amala, which are more difficult to cook. Its particles are coarse, making it a more textured swallow similar to Eba, but without the slight vinegar/sour taste. You can cook Infused Semovita swallow using 4 ingredients and 14 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Infused Semovita swallow

  1. It’s 1 of fresh Beetroot (peel and blend).
  2. You need 7 of fresh turmeric (peel and blend).
  3. You need 21/2 cup of semovita.
  4. You need of Hot water.

Keep reading to find out the answers. Many people confuse two words 'semovita' and 'semolina' as both of these can be used to make 'swallow' and eaten with soup. At the same time, semovita is similar to semolina, which is made from wheat (the type of wheat influences the final color). How to prepare Semovita for eating with soup Simply heat water in a small pot When it starts boiling gradually add the semovita flour into the boiling water with one hand and stir continuously with the other hand using kitchen spatula.

Infused Semovita swallow instructions

  1. Wash,scrape n blend turmeric..
  2. Sieve and boil in a pot.
  3. Add Semo powder till thickens.
  4. All to simmer for 15 mins..
  5. Scoop in a Nylon and mould to shape..
  6. For the beetroots swallow wash beetroot.
  7. Peel beetroot.
  8. Blend.
  9. Sieve.
  10. Put in a pot to boil.
  11. Pour in semovita sparingly till thick not very.
  12. Cover and allow to simmer for 15 mins.
  13. Scoop and mould to desired shapes..
  14. Serve with any soup of ur choice.

When you have finished adding the flour to the boiling water, use one hand to hold the handle of the pot while you stir continuously with the other hand until. Semovita is one of our popular Nigerian swallows. a lot of people love it because its the closest to pounded yam they can get, without having to actually go through the stress of pounding the yam. Today i am going to talk briefly about the Calories in Semovita, so you can adjust and d your calculations when you are planning your meals. Semovita is considered to be much healthier than a lot of other meals of its kind. Semovita is a good choice for those people are watching their weight.

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